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A Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Source: Bill Arce / Getty

There’s only one thing that you don’t want to know about this new delicious looking dessert and that is that it’s only available in PRAGUE.
That’s right, we are talking about the capital of the Czech Republic… or also know as, not in the U.S.A.
The place is a cafe called Good Food Coffee and Bakery and their trademark item is the doughnut cone.
You can get a cinnamon covered, deep fried doughnut that is wrapped around like a waffle cone is and it comes accompanied with ice cream and whipped cream.
You can also get apples, berries, Nutella… you name it. They have a section their menu called the “Chimney.”
The Chimney menu has about seven different to select such as Chimney Original, Chimney Berry, Chimney Cream and the Chimney Blizzard.
This particular ice cream is made up of a soft serve ice cream and whatever item you ordered from the menu. that they serve to you.
This girl’s IG post shows you the layers inside the doughnut cone too.
coops1995Little did the shop owner know how stoked I would be holding a rod of raw chimney cake dough #elation
I would be curious enough to try it if they had it here… how about you?

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