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On Monday, Terry Crews appeared on the Late Late Short Series called, “Inside Sports” with Sean O’Connor.
This is a series that is on the Late Late Show with James Corden and Crews with talk a lot about the St. Louis Rams’ returning to the Los Angeles area.
The Rams’ was a part of Los Angeles dating back to 1946 until their move to St. Louis in 1994. That’s forty-eight years of being called the Los Angeles Rams’ too.

When Terry Crews was drafted into the NFL in 1991, he was originally drafted in the 11th round to the Los Angeles Rams.
When discussing his draft day, Crews said, “I thought it was over, I was a ball of nerves and tears and then the phone rang. It was crazy, the 11th round, it wasn’t over!”
Crews talked about a life lesson so to speak, he calls it “reframing.” What is reframing?
He tells it this way, “Reframing is very very important. It’s like when you get up and you’re late, you realize you’re 45 minutes late to where ever you were headed to and you’re like OH MY GOD. You jump into your car, you’re like I gotta go.
Reframing means you say, if I would have got up 45 minutes earlier, I probably would have been in that accident that was over there.”
After retiring from the NFL in 1997, Crews landed a roll as T-Money in Battle Dome and that’s where his acting career began.
As far as when the Rams’ are moved back to the Los Angeles area, Crews said, “I’m a little older, a little older, but if they need me, I’m there.
They have to work it out contract wise cuz you know I’m not taking no pay cuts baby.  C’mob man, I spent 16 years in this business getting my quote up to where it is now. You know how hard it take to get your quote up in Hollywood?
In the sports world, I’m not starting from the beginning, I’m not starting from that little bit contract.”
At 47-years old, who think that Crews has it still to play in the NFL? He’s in shape…