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Growing up with parental pressure is nothing new, but one teen took getting revenge to the extreme.

A 16-year-old boy from Sugar Land, Texas stabbed his 45-year-old father repeatedly, says a police spokesman. The bloody ordeal began when the father found out his son was missing from Clements High School’s football team, the NY Daily News reports.

Doug Adolf, the city’s Assistant Director of Communications, told the News, “The son admitted that he had been skipping football practices and told his father he intended to quit the team.” The admission prompted an intense argument, KHOU reports.

By the time authorities arrived to the scene after the boy’s frantic mother called police, the father was said to have been critically injured. “He was alert but his wounds were deep and very serious and there was some concern on whether or not he’d survive the night,” Adolf said.

The unidentified teen, a junior on the school’s varsity team, was promptly arrested on the scene and transported to a juvenile detention center. He will be facing aggravated assault charges. If his father succumbs to his injuries, the teen could be facing a murder charge.

There were no previous calls to the police from the home, but the Assistant Director of Communications doesn’t think that means much, saying, “that doesn’t mean that there aren’t serious issues at that house … because issues like this don’t happen out of the blue.”


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