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A Florida mother is facing child abuse charges after she allegedly beat her son for his failing grades, leaving him with a black eye, NBC Miami reports.

Sarah Dennis was arrested and charged with excessive discipline and child abuse after her son was brutally beaten for receiving three “F’s” on a recent report card. Her 12-year-old son spoke to a school guidance counselor after he was seen in school with a black eye. His 11-year-old brother also brought home bad grades the same day of the alleged beating, but was hit with a belt on his buttocks and sent to his room.

NBC Miami reports:

The boy told police his mother made him strip down to his underwear, then proceeded to beat him with a belt on his back and buttocks. He said he fell to the floor because of the pain. Dennis, 25, continued to beat the boy with a belt, then punched him several times in the left eye with a closed fist, police say.

The boy also told police that he and his mother were the only ones in the room at the house, located in the 1200 block of Southwest 101st Terrace in Pembroke Pines.

Dennis denied ever hitting her sons and told police her 12-year-old got the black eye during a school fight. A judge issued a therapist to be present during the mother’s visitation with the kids to monitor her activity.

The father of one of Dennis’ children volunteered to take custody of all three.

Dennis remains behind bars. The judge indicated it would be a while before she would have custody of her kids.



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