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In a debate that showed off Bill O’Reilly’s racism and Dr. Cornel West’s intelligence, the FOX News host doubled down on his insistence that there is no such thing as White supremacy and that issues within Black America can only be addressed by first starting with the family and personal responsibility.

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He also accused West of advocating for taking wealthy white people’s “stuff” to give to the poor. West, clearly accustomed to those right-wing talking points, rightfully pointed out that the redistribution of wealth in this country trickles up to the wealthy off the labor of Black and Brown people living in poverty.

O’Reilly’s attempted to frame West as a “socialist,” as if that’s an insult. West wouldn’t allow him to reframe his position and reiterated his commitment to a radical and revolutionary Christian tradition and eradicating poverty, specifically in the Black community.

When O’Reilly went to Scripture saying that the Bible said there will always be poor among us. West countered with, “Yes, but Jesus said what you do for the least of these, you do for me.”

Check. Mate.

Watch the exchange below:

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