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Jessica Dime’s Ratchet Revenge

This episode picked back up during Jessica’s Dime’s showcase, which was set up by Mimi. Jessica Dime felt this performance was the perfect place to get revenge against Mimi for allegedly talking about her behind her back. Mimi’s face during the performance, when Margeaux comes out and starts singing her hook about starting a war, is hilarious. Stevie J isn’t surprised, he told Mimi not to work with Dime, but we know how Mimi is when it comes to rational thinking. Mimi and Stevie J confront Dime and Margeaux outside of the venue, and Dime is the one doing most of the popping off. She sill thinks she’s justified in this behavior, and it still escapes her that this behavior is why people aren’t really trying to work with her. Stevie calls this thought process her “stripper mentality.” That statement really isn’t fair to strippers, but in this case the stereotype is true. Dime calls them has-beens before leaving, but even a has-been is better than a never was, which is exactly the category that Dime falls under.

Stevie’s Big Move

Stevie thinks he and Mimi work well together as business partners, and is tired of Joseline being extra. So he asks Mimi if she and Eva would move to LA with him. Mimi thinks moving will be great for their “company,” and for Eva to be close to her father, but doesn’t want to deal with Stevie and Joseline’s drama. She says she’ll think about it, but we know how she is by now. She’s pretending that she’s “thinking about it” just so she’ll look like she actually makes smart decisions. We see you girl.

All shade aside though it would be kind of cute to see Mimi and Stevie get back together. I hate that I just wrote that, but whatever! It’s true, and I’m not taking it back. Mimi was probably the original Joseline anyway because um, word on the street is he was with Eve when Mimi came around, so, yeah…

Maybe Mimi can reclaim her crown though. You know, karma.

Rasheeda’s Grand Opening

Rasheeda celebrates her new store with a grand opening event. We still want to know what’s good with Kirk’s money mismanagement and that half-finished house, though. Karlie Redd, Erica and Ariane come through, and there is actually no drama. It seems that Erica and Rasheeda have forgiven Karlie Redd, which is silly on Rasheeda’s part. She can forgive Karlie Redd who is habitually petty, but she’s willing to end a 10 plus year alleged friendship with Kalenna, who was obviously struggling with mental illness? Mmmkay. Then again, Rasheeda laughed at Kalenna during that dinner where Tony was talking about her postpartum depression, so Kelenna’s probably better off without her as a friend.

Meanwhile, Mimi, the bird brain that she is, tells Ariane and Chatty Patty Karlie Redd about Stevie’s proposition to move to LA. Ariane doesn’t think it’s smart for Mimi to follow Stevie, and still clings to hope that Mimi is “smarter than that.”

Momma Dee Gets Married

It looks like Vh1 wasn’t trying to give Momma Dee those wedding special coins, because they squeezed her nuptials to Ernest the Meat Thief into this episode. That’s actually disappointing because Momma Dee’s wedding special would have been delightfully ratchet. Anyway, Momma Dee got her wedding day wish, which was to have her children come and support. They’re still not feeling Momma Dee’s man, but they support her happiness as long Ernest doesn’t do anything crazy.

Joseline’s Show Goes Well

Joseline’s show repping for the LGBT community goes well, but the only person who comes through to see it is Karlie Redd. Stevie is too busy flying across country, but he at least sent her roses and a note. Karlie Redd congratulates Joseline, and then launches right into the gossip about Mimi possibly moving to LA. This news causes Joseline to flip out on Karlie. Joseline claims that she’s tired of Karlie Redd always having gossip, and believes that Karlie is just delivering this information to be hurtful. Karlie claims she’s “just looking out for her girl,” as per the usual excuse, but Joseline silences her with a swift bop on the head with those flowers sent by Stevie. Karlie exits eventually, but not before telling Joseline that she “ain’t got no friends.” That latter part is actually true since Joseline is all about Joseline, and eventually spazzes out on everyone, but Karlie tried it. We all know that Joseline is a nut job, and she was wrong for hitting Karlie Redd with a bouquet of roses, but Karlie Redd deserved that curse out, because she likes the drama she brings and knows dang well that it’s not about “looking out for anyone.” It’s surprising that this moment didn’t come sooner.

The Finale Before the Reunion

The episode ends with vignettes of each storyline being wrapped up. Momma Dee and Ernest ride off into the sunset in their “just married” horse and carriage. We spot Mimi in New York City talking to publishers about putting her book out (and writers everywhere who actually should get a deal are weeping). She claims she’s still on the fence about moving to LA, but we know what’s up. We see a shot of Rasheeda and Kirk standing on the eventual porch of their half-finished house. Margeaux smooches her new Brigitte Nielsen look alike girlfriend named “Murica.” Bambi officially moves in with Scrappy. Erica says she and Scrappy’s child support issues aren’t resolved, but he’s allowed to see his daughter. Karlie test shoots for Playboy, and reps for all the 45-year-old birds who still look good. Kalenna is doing shows again and she and Tony have mended their business relationship; he also plans to support her more in her struggle to overcome postpartum depression, and Joseline is still in the A for now, claiming she wants to make moves for herself.


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