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Tinder has unveiled verified profiles earlier this week as a way to confirm the validity of celebrity members. Translation: People are about to act even more a fool on social media. As a cynic, I think celebrities with Tinder profiles will be on there just to stunt. People are going to get their hopes up thinking there’s actually a chance with a certain famous somebody, and get their dreams shattered with that left swipe or when they find out that said person was really just looking for a side chick.

The other cynical idea that I have about this is that celebrities who actually do interact with people — read ratchet athletes and rappers — will probably get themselves in trouble with groupies. It already happens on IG and Twitter, so why not Tinder?

I could be wrong, though. According to CNN, Tinder says 26 million matches happen on the app every day, so with that type of popularity, I guess I could see why even celebrities would set up accounts. But this still sounds like it’s going to get messy.

I’m out of the game (thank goodness), but I have plenty of friends who have shared stories about people who were known to be in relationships (and even married) prowling on Tinder, or Tinder players who run through all the people in their area.

Anyway, look for those blue checks to start popping up.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna be watching this unfold.


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