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Did you know that women apologize more than men? Think about it. How many times have you already said, “I’m sorry” today? It’s a crutch, a thing that fills the awkward space, a way to always be polite and lady-like. If we’re “sorry,” we get to say the things that someone may not want to hear. It softens the blow.

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And because of that, women use “I’m sorry” way too often. And we end up apologizing or things that we don’t even need to be sorry for. Here’s a list of the things that you should never apologize for. We know you’ve probably even made a few of these apologies today.

1. Not Wanting Kids


2. Having A Strong Personality


3. Your Sex Appeal


4. Being A Hot Mess


5. Asking Questions


6. Praising The Lord


7. Being Beautiful


8. Burping


9. Wearing Makeup


10. Not Being Into The Whole Blow Job Thing

11. Putting Work First


12. Eating What We Want



13. Not Wanting To Have Sex


14. Making A Joke


15. Asking For Help



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