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A total coalition of 62 Senators, 14 Democrats and 48 Republicans voted “yes” for Trade Promotion Authority on Friday, which will fast-track the piece of legislation that will allow him to be able to work and negotiate better with eleven Pacific Rim nations. That means that the deal will link trade between 40 percent of the global economy.

The bill is said to be in favor of American workers because it helps in adopting intelligent trade policies internationally, rather than stifle international relationships that could potentially hurt domestic business and labor. Opponents of the trade bill believe that it does not in fact help American business but actually hurts the middle class and could potentially threaten the middle class entirely. In fact, many argue that the bill is too pro-big-corporation and not in favor of the average American.

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Republicans who supported the legislation however claim that the President receives support when he is doing the right thing. Because of course, there is nothing quite like a backhanded compliment even when you support the president’s proposal. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the House, which the bill still has to pass through and many believe will be a tougher sell.


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