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Burger King Fiscal Fourth Quarter Earnings Drop 17 Percent As Sales Drop

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In 2014, Burger King’s black cheeseburger was revealed in Japan. Aside from a black bun, black cheese, this burger also had black ketchup too.
It’s odd as it is, the black color came from SQUID INK.
Now, Japan’s Burger King has just created and revealed something new for their burger lovers…
Perfume or parfum au vache.
If you’re into that “natural” scent or maybe something flowery, perhaps you guys would be interested in smelling like a scrumptious Whopper.
On April 1st, Japan’s Burger King is releasing their “Whopper-scented perfume” for the Whopper lovers.
The selling point of the Whopper has always been flame-grilled. Maybe that’s why BK decided that would be the name of t heir fragrance, Flame-Grilled.
Reports are stating that each perfume purchase comes with a Whopper and the cost in US currency is four-dollars, but in yens, the cost is 5,000.
The real question is, is this announcement of a perfume au vache a brilliant planned out “April Fool’s Day” joke?
Could be, but in 2008, Bk released their “Flame by BK”, a body spray for men that was described as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”
So let’s see if their really releasing “Flame-Grilled” on April 1st or if it’s just a celebration of the popular jokesters day.

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