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Female Officer Holding Radio With Hard on Gun

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On St. Patty’s Day, Kansa City’s Police officers took to the streets to celebrate the day’s holiday with a flashmob dance.
They said that it wasn’t really rehearsed, but it didn’t matter because it brought the community together.
Watch as the KCPD hustled the “Electric Slide” together. Some of the community watched, some laughs and some actually walked up and joined it to cut a rug with them too.

“I think when you dance with somebody, when somebody comes out and dances with you or sees you dance, you’re instantly humanized,” Officer Matt Tomasic said. “And it breaks down the barrier of this uniform…”
One of the bystanders who was enjoying the fun said, I thought it was awesome. The cops get a bad rap, so it was nice seeing the cops doing something nice and fun” Mona Warren said.

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