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Blue Ivy’s Tryna Kick It Witcha…But, Pre- School Parents Fed Up with Bey and Jay

Listen, you know it’s hard out here for a Kid… when your parents’ names are Beyoncé and Jay Z. And it only gets tougher now that the Carter Kid is growing up.

Since the very announcing of seed in her mother’s womb, Blue Ivy’s mere existence has been challenged. From how she was conceived, to how she was carried; there was even frenzy around when, where and how she was delivered (did Beyoncé really have a surrogate or nah?).

We haven’t even touched on folks clowning little Blue on social media about her hair and fashion. She’s had plenty of comparisons to her kid rival- North West (Really? Kid rivalry? Seriously sad people).

Little Blue’s latest hardship comes straight from the parents at her new Preschool, the offense: Too Much Privilege! Apparently, parents at her elite preschool are fed up with the Carters and their presidential style motorcade.

According to OK Magazine, parents at a Hollywood Pre-school are complaining about the amount of cars that drop off and pick up Blue from school. It’s alleged that Blue Ivy has two cars and 3 security guards that chaperone her each day. And some of the parents at the school are calling it ‘tacky and over the top’ of Bey and Jay.”

Hey, I say PROTECT THE CROWN and THE KID by any cost. There are way too many crazies in this world for The Carters to be concerned about what parent doesn’t get a parking spot. I’m sure 10 minutes of parking inconvenience would be the last of your concern if Blue Ivy was YOUR KID. I say to the parents, suck it up and Let Blue Ivy be Great. But what say you?

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