Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets - Game Four

Source: Jim McIsaac / Getty

Yesterday all the hype was about the Mayweather/Pacquiao press conference for their fight that goes down May 2nd.
It appears that they had a “red carpet” event to go with their press conference and Jimmy Kimmel’s popular “side kick” Guillermo hit the event up with his mic to get some interviews.
Guillermo first talks to Bob Arum asking him for his boxing tickets and Arum said, “$200k you can have my tickets.”
Guillermo made a lot of jokes, especially when he speaks to the ring girl saying, “What’s your number, no your phone number. ha ha I more fast huh?”
Mayweather Sr. made his way down the red carpet and was stopped and asked, “Who do you think will win a fight between Batman and Superman?”
Sr’s response, “Superman will beat Batman because Superman has ‘tyrptonite’ in his body. But than if Superman didn’t have ‘tyrptonite’ in his body Superman would be real weak all the time.”
Yeah, he said “Tyrptonite” not kryptonite, which is the radioactive element that weakens Superman.
May weather Jr. was asked who was going to win the fight and his response, “Floyd Mayweather” and than Mayweather, Jr. plugged Kimmel’s show and told everyone to watch him and to follow Guillermo, “…. You’re hearing it from the best Floyd Money Mayweather.”
Later when Guillermo meets Pacquiao, Guillermo gets Pacquiao to sing him “Happy Birthday”.
Pacquiao later surprises the show by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing Guillermo’s security uniform.
Kimmel tells Pacquiao to win and to beat up Justin Bieber ha ha.

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