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Safaree “SB” Samuels can be heard screaming on the background of many of Nicki Minaj‘s songs, most-notably her gritty “Black Friday” track “Sh*tted On Em.’” SB was her hype man, but fans who knew Nicki prior to her big release knew him as her boyfriend. From the outside, they appeared to be happy with each other and deeply in love. Until it all started falling apart. A typically private Nicki’s details the demise of their relationship on “Bed Of Lies.” “You could never make eye contact/ Everything you got was based off of my contacts/ You a fraud, but I’mma remain icon-stat,” she raps over the Kane Beatz production.

Nicki is on the promo trail pushing her new album “The Pinkprint” and we’ve learned so much about the Barb between her most recent interview with Elliot Wilson on his #CRWN series and her visit to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

“You’ve gotta have good communication,” Nicki told veteran journalist Elliott Wilson. “You could be right next to someone for hours and not communicate. I could be right here with you for the next two hours and leave without having heard nothing you fucking said. And sometimes you can speak to somebody for 10 minutes and feel like ‘gasp,’ they get it!”

According to reports, SB was jealous of Nicki’s success. Recently, SB tweeted “Cheating was never the issue. ppl grow apart and it is what it is… and thats all ill say about that… a lot can happen and change in 12 yrs.”

Could they have grown apart because of Nicki’s hectic schedule? Possibly. “You know what I really want? I want someone to appreciate how hard I work. I want somebody to get up in the morning and they see me on my laptop after I been up for three hours more than you have and now when you get up, you’re able to get up whatever time you want. I just want you to acknowledge that I been up working so that you can live happily! And if you don’t see that, it will chip away at me, and one day I’m gonna feel like, I don’t have anything left. Because it’s so seldom that you will meet a woman that’s like, “I got you.” And we do and we did [take turns] and we love each other very much, but…,” she said.

It’s rumored Nicki is dating rapper Meek Mill. However, she makes it clear she’s looking for a certain kind of man.

“One of my big things that I’m looking for in whatever man I run off into the sunset with, is just him acknowledging that I’m not like the chicks that come up to you in the streets that wanna take from you. I don’t wanna take nothin’ from you. I wanna give you everything you don’t have and everything you need, and I want to give it to each other, and it has to be like that, because if I’m the only one giving and you start, you know. [Sigh.] And then in some ways maybe a man would feel like he can’t be with me because maybe he doesn’t get the uplift-ment that he feels that he needs as a man. And maybe I feel you got to be that man for me in order to treat you like a man. I’m not ever gonna give you what you don’t deserve.”

Despite their breakup, Nicki says she was loyal to SB — the man she considered her best friend. “Because I’ve done that in so many other ways, and at the same time, we’re talking about my best f*cking friend. Like somebody I would really jump in front of a bus for, before and after,” she said. “Nothing changed. I’m like the most loyal chick. If you ask anybody that knew me from before this shit, they’ll tell you I was the same exact way. People can say whatever the fuck they want about me, I been this way. I been trying to run my own shit. I been like that. It’s just a sad time, because for the first time in my life, I realize everything I thought? It’s changing right in front of my face. I didn’t plan this. It’s just happening. People keep talking to me, asking me questions, and I can’t really answer certain questions because it’s still happening, right now. and I’m still goin’ through the motions of like, what am I gonna do? You don’t just stop loving someone, you don’t stop caring for someone, you don’t just stop worrying about them. Especially when you grew up together. And he really, really held me down in the beginning. Was the perfect person.”

Nicki uses “The Pinkprint” to vent and not only talks about her former relationship, but the loss of her cousin and how her family dynamic has changed since her rise to fame.

“It was so very, very scary. The second verse, I was talking about my little cousin who died, and I had never, ever spoken about that. I remember the last time I saw him, he told me how uncomfortable he felt by how people were treating me. He was like, don’t let nobody come around and use you… he was so overprotective of me, but he was goin’ through all this craziness, like niggas was really trying to kill him. Now, when I think about him, I just keep thinking like, why didn’t he tell me? I had never expressed my guilt to anyone,” she revealed.

“So after I wrote it, it was hard for me to listen back. I love that song, but I hate it, too. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I relive it. So that’s the only difficult thing about writing things that are very personal. Like, you’re gonna have to relive it for the rest of your life. Are you really gonna be okay with reliving that moment, reliving that guilt, reliving that pain. But then if you don’t write it, it feels like you’re not being completely honest. I wanna remember where I was in my life right now. Ten years from now, I wanna listen to The Pinkprint and remember what I was feeling.”

In her interview with Jimmy Fallon, she revealed that she once worked at Red Lobster. (Bring us some biscuits girl!)

Did you cop “The Pinkprint?” Tell me what you think about it on Twitter @HB_Shamika.


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