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In light of the recent events with Police killing young black men….I think today this conversation should be at the forefront of our topics of discussion.  However, there are so many other issues that deal with Human Rights that still exist I could never put a “Priority” list together because EVERY single issue is important to address.  Here are my Top 4 Human Rights Issues (in no particular order).


1.  Police Brutality-  with the recent NON indictments of police officers who killed two black men.  We sadly recognize STILL that there is a serious issue in our justice system.  Obama has asked for $263 million to cover the cost of body cameras for 50,000 police officers to wear while on duty with the hopes that this will help with the relations between the community and police.

How can we stop police brutality?  CLICK HERE!

2.  Human Trafficking – Officials estimate that between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficking in the United States every year.  Whether it’s sex trafficing or forcing people to work for free or pennies….It’s wrong.

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3.  Racism- i remember my brother getting pulled over by the police a while back because they said his music was too loud.  When the police told my brother why he was pulled over…my brother showed the officer that his radio didn’t even work.  It was impossible for him to be pulled over for that reason.  This needs to stop.  We all deserve to be treated equally and fairly.

How can you help end Racism? CLICK HERE


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