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(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Why have just one animal as the main entree for Thanksgiving dinner when can you have three of them?

We introduce to you the Turducken. It is a deboned chicken, stuffed into a deboned duck, all stuffed into a deboned turkey. In between each layer there’s a form of seasoned sausage meat or stuffing.

This recipe dates back to the 1800′s in the United Kingdom where it was cooked with five different animals (goose, pheasant, pigeon, turkey, and chicken). It was known as  the “Royal Roast.”

Luckily, for those who are salivating, the tradition migrated over to the U.S. and can be found at Herbert’s Specialty Meats in Houston. There are three different locations serving up this loaded bird just in time for Thanksgiving.

So, moved aside Turkey and make room for the Turducken.

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