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Comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele returned to Comedy Central Wednesday night with the season four premiere of their sketch series “Key and Peele.” The show’s nuanced satirical leanings and the undeniable chemistry held between its two stars have kept it a consistent ratings bonanza for the network since its premiere in 2012 (steady at just under 2 million viewers an episode with millions of views on YouTube for each sketch) and was even the recipient of a Peabody Award back in 2013. Their brand of sketch comedy is informative, inspired, completely ridiculous, but always funny.

In terms of quotability and gut-bustingly hilarious but tempered cultural satire, “Key and Peele” filled the Dave Chappelle-sized hole left in the network six years after “Chappelle’s Show” went off the air. In honor of their fourth season premiere, here’s a look back (and forward) at some of their best sketches, in no particular order:



Substitute Teacher 

A substitute teacher can’t seem to correctly pronounce his student’s names. The duo are currently negotiating a movie deal for this particular sketch, so you know it’s good.

Sexy Vampires

Ever wonder why vampires act the way they do in movies? The duo deconstruct the classical vampire archetype.


Black Republicans

Some viewers of this sketch may find themselves pissed. Royally pissed.


Black Ice

The dangers of black ice vs. “white” ice.


Alien Imposters 

A post-apocalyptic scenario where Key and Peele determine whether they’re dealing with aliens or humans, “The Thing” style.


Cunnilingus Class 

Exactly what it sounds like.


Pizza Order

A lonely nerd character plays with the emotions of a lovestruck pizza boy.


East vs. West Bowl 

Key and Peele play a roster of increasingly ridiculously named college football players.


Obama Shutdown 

President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama argue about how to spend a romantic evening through their respective anger translators, Luther and Katrenda. 


Das Negros 

Key and Peele plays black men in World War II Germany attempting to convince a Nazi officer they’re White Germans.


I Said Bitch 

Two men talk about their wives behind their backs, with each claiming to have called her a bitch.

“You said bitch, tho?”


Obama: The College Years 

What President Obama’s college years might have looked like.


Soul Food 

Two men in a soul food restaurant attempt to outdo each other’s orders and authenticate their upbringing.


Obama Meet & Greet

President Obama as meets and greets white and Black officials/citizens.


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