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I literally woke up this morning and turned on the news to find workers for a local fast-food restaurant protesting for higher wages. One interviewed protester said that these workers are parents and need an increase in wages just to feed their children. If you’re not aware of the poverty in this country and more immediately in your community, you must be hiding under a rock.

If you don’t believe hype, log onto the internet where you’ll find this story about low-wage WalMart workers who are infuriated at the new rule to  be in uniform. What’s wrong with uniformity on the job you ask?

Walmart workers can leave comments about company policies on an internal website. Workers are sounding off about new rule enforcing uniforms with the demand that you purchase them. Low wages, short hours and forced costly uniforms have left them saying just what they feel on the internal website.

Read more about this story and the leaked comments from the workers HERE

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