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Porscha Coleman is all in our face and we like it. The L.A. based multi-hyphenate has embarked on a new endeavor as an on-air personality for Fox’s new show, “Hollywood Today Live.” The interactive entertainment news show  features interviews with celebrity guests, live performances and playful banter with an eye to what is trending on social media.

“We’ve got the glass, people are walking by, some of them are dancing outside of the studio,” Porscha tells “Somebody had a fight one day outside of the studio. Anything can really happen while we’re taping the show because of the live element and where we’re located. It’s like the Mecca of Hollywood and entertainment.”

Porscha may be a fresh face to her viewers but she has quite an impressive resume that includes acting, singing and choreography. So to bring you up to speed we spoke with Porscha to find out five things you may not know about this brown bombshell.

5) She is an official G-Unit video alumna

I saw a casting for a music video, which is so crazy because it was actually on Craigslist. They were looking for a young dancer for a hip-hop video and they said it’s a major artist but we can’t tell you who. So I applied to the casting, sent my resume and my photo and I got the call the next day saying they wanted to hire me. So you know I have a set call and of course I take my mom because I’m not just going to show up to a random Craigslist casting without somebody being with me.  Sure enough it was on a studio lot and I saw all of this New York gear and I was like ‘What is this? Who could this artist be?’ The first artist that came to my mind was like Busta Rhymes and then I heard a voice and right behind me, there was 50 cent. It was 50 Cent and it was actually the Lloyd Banks video for “On Fire.” I was like ‘Omg, this is so crazy.’ 50 Cent was so nice, he was like ‘Yeah, we have this song coming out. Do you think you can dance to it?’ I was just like of course, I mean, it was a hot record. So I did that video and it was so awesome because he actually called me and another one of the girls back and we did Summer Jam with him and L.A. and New York and then we did the BET Awards and then we did “Candy Shop.” So I started working in the videos that was my very first.

Llloyd Banks “On Fire”

Yes, I am a singer and it’s really cool because I have been singing since I was really young. I actually come from a musical background. My mom and uncles were all in a group when they were young and they traveled all around the world and well, I’m pretty much picking up where they left off. I haven’t even had the luxury to travel overseas yet and perform at a lot of places they’ve performed. Luckily for me with this generation I’ve done the TV aspect and so from Jay Leno, I was a singer on there with Gym Class Heroes.  Travie said you know I want you to come on and we’re going to perform this new song called “Guilty As Charged” and Estelle was actually on the original hook. He was like we want you to come and do it with us, so I did that. I actually did Jimmy Kimmel Live with Tyga when he had “Diamond Life.” So I had a chance to perform with these artists and then my first music video was with Three 6 Mafia. I’m really excited because I have a lot of music that is coming up and you know, Im in the studio getting some recordings done so I can have some music to put out while this whole momentum is going.

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