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Thousands of Texans could lose their health insurance, if a legal challenge to President Obama’s health care law is upheld.

Vivian Ho Chair of Health Economics at Rice University’s Baker Institute says people who were granted subsidies to help purchase health insurance, could see those subsidies disappear.

She says without financial help from the government many Texans will go back to being uninsured.

Ho says “you are talking about the difference between affordable health insurance for very low income people versus insurance which just is completely beyond their means.”

She says this hits “doubly hard in Texas” because our state rejected federal funding to expand Medicaid.

Ho says “I believe its a foolish business decision to turn down federal money coming in. But I think there is a fear that if one allows more Medicaid coverage within this state, that could eventually lead to nationalized health insurance.”

The Obama administration says it will appeal the legal challenge to the affordable care act.

In the meantime it will continue to provide the subsidies as the case works its way through the courts.

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