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What’s up, People! Today’s one of my favorite days of the week; NEW MUSIC TUESDAY! So there’s a new R&B artist who’s making a bunch of noise (quite the contrary from the title of his new album). Sebastian Mikael’s “Speechless” will do one of two things: take your breath away…or BE that breath of fresh air! #Speechless is available today and I got the opportunity to stream it in it’s entirety. Instead of keeping  my thoughts to myself, I figured I’d give you the run down of what I thought about Sebastian’s album….track by track! HERE WE GO:
  1. Last Night (feat. Wale) – Although, I don’t like that this was chosen as one of the singles…I thought it was really smart of Sebastian to start off his project with a familiar sound. This one features a sample of Al B. Sure’s “Night & Day;” Some of you youngin’s don’t know nothin about that! LOL
  2. 4 U (feat. Rick Ross) – This was another single that I didn’t care for. Even though, S.M. needed an uptempo record on his album…I don’t think this one was it. I feel like his team relied on Wale & Rozay’s big names to attract some sort of buzz. Sebastian doesn’t need those kinds of gimmick’s; his talent speaks for itself.
  3. Forever – I like this ballad…and not just because Diamonds Are ‘FOREVER.’ LOL People call this one the new wedding song. Cool fact: THIS SONG ended up getting played on “Love & Hip Hop” BY ACCIDENT!!! LOL Watch my interview w/ Sebastian Mikael HERE to find out the story behind it.
  4. **Made For Me (feat. Teyana Taylor)** – THIS should’ve been ‘Bastian’s first single. It would’ve given the world an introduction to two dope azz artists!
  5. Speechless –  By the time I got to this song, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to buy a copy of this ish. This particular song has the ability to crossover multiple genre’s. It reminded me of that song Seal sung for the Batman soundtrack back in the day.
  6. Thinking About You – This is my least favorite track on the album. I love the old school feel but I hate the old school lyrics; it feels like my grandpa wrote it! LOL Don’t hurt me, ‘Bastian. You know what’s funny though…as soon as it ended, I wanted to run it back and hear it again, so I guess it grew on me. SMH
  7. ** Kiss Me** – This is one of Sebastian’s more intimate songs. It’s super sexy! He’s singing to the one he loves and comparing their life to a superhero movie…and this is the part where his damsel in distress kisses him! Mmm, mmm, mmm. WHY DO THE BEST SONGS HAVE TO BE THE SHORTEST ONES THO!? “Kiss Me” lasted 2:38, but will leave you wanting more.
  8. **Lose It** – I guess “Kiss Me” lead to more adult things. Sebastian’s smooth personality shines through on this song: “Love when you lose yourself to the music; to the rhythm of my beat.” This is one of my favorites! Go, boy.
  9. ** Crash** – Okay, THIS should’ve been ‘Bastian”s SECOND single. It speaks on the outside world wanting to see his relationship crash and burn. He thinks that because so many people are talking down on his relationship, it’s gonna head for a collision and it’s an accident waiting to happen!
  10. Beautiful Life – The album ended on a dope note. This song was produced by Sebastian Mikael himself and he did a hella great job! It’s a GOOD sign when the album leaves the listener wanting more!
Final Grade: B+
WHY I DIDN’T GIVE IT AN “A” : I would’ve wanted a different uptempo song (in place of 4U), but all in all “Speechless” is a solid project! I can tell you worked hard on this project, bro. You’re time at Berklee obviously paid off and the convo I had with you when you touched down in the H made me like you even more! Here’s to much success and future Grammy’s!
Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond)
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