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Recently some tapes were released with conversations between 2Pac and Sanyika “Monster” Shakur in which Pac laid out his plans for a whole new utopia in ‘hoods all across the country. It has long been thought that had young Pac been allowed to become older Pac that he would have been a voice for the community in more ways than one. This taped discussion confirms this belief.

According to Hip Hop DX, Rev Al Sharpton has confirmed that he had conversations with 2Pac regarding cleaning up the streets.

Says Pac about getting boys and girls sports organizations started:

“I want to get this organization started with you. Only we can do it. Let me tell you the idea. It’s where we start this youth league, right? Football league, basketball…softball, for girls and boys. I’mma get all the rappers to adopt a team. Each rapper have his own team. Coolio will have his team. Treach have his team. I’ll have my team. And we play. And the rappers the ones that put the money up. We get the field to play. We have the churches come out and sell food. We have the fathers and the uncles and all of the men in the community, they do security…Get that community spirit going again. And then on the weekends we have block parties. Every rapper gotta give it up. Every rapper, nigga, you gotta wreck it out. You gotta get up for us. You gotta come do a free show for the hood.”

Take a listen to the full 25 minute conversation below!

Pac is also heard discussing his ideas about getting the community registered to vote. Said Pac,

“And then when we do that we register the voters. And if we can register them for Democrats, Republicans, or Independent. Once we register the voters we have power. Then we start going up to the mayors of these cities and telling them ‘Look, we got this many voters in this city. We want you to do this.”

Keep in mind this man was only in his mid to early 20′s at the time. 2Pac also spoke on getting the streets cleaned up and this is where he turned to Rev. Sharpton for help. In the tapes 2Pac can be heard saying,

“I’mma have all these tough-ass supposed-to-be-gangster-rappers. We gonna all get in the van. We gonna travel…We gon’ drive to all these drug areas, right? Imagine me Redman, Treach, Ice Cube, them type of nigg*s. Getting out, going to whoever the main drug dealer on that block—‘Who run sh*t?’ If we get out of a van and be like ‘What’s up, nigg*? How y’all doing? What’s up? Yo, who the nigg* that run shi*t?’ They gon’ take us to that nigg*. We invite those nigg*s to dinner. Invite them nigg*s to some Dom Perignon, steak, and lobster. And be like ‘Look playa, we asking you, not telling you. We asking you as a playa to a playa, can you please give us a pass to have these streets clean from 6 AM to 11 PM. Let that be for the kids. Let them nigg*s be safe during that time. No gunshots. No drug dealings.

Then, we could get these politicians—I talked to Al Sharpton. He said he can get the police to chill out on those night-time patrols if [we] can get the streets cleaned.”

Rev Al confirmed this discussion through his National Action Network,

“I visited him twice while he was in jail and negotiated with the warden to get him out of solitary confinement. After he was released, we stayed in touch and we did have conversations about cleaning up the streets and fighting violence.”

Just more proof of the tragedy of that life that was cut short. Who knows what could have been in 2Pac’s future had he just  been able to further create and act upon the plans he had for the community. But who knows maybe these words will inspire someone else to pick up where he left off.



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