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(HOUSTON) During this binge-tequila drinking holiday, there are a lot of questions that brew in the midst of celebrating.

For example, Cinco de Mayo is commonly mistaken as Mexico’s Independence Day, celebrated on Sep. 16, but it is not. Both Mexico and the U.S. celebrate this day as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom during the American Civil War.

Now, lets tackle the biggest question of them all: Where did meat and queso dip come from?

Legend confirms, it was right here in Houston. 

Molina’s Cantina, established in 1941, claims to be the original meat and queso place. Their Jose’s Dip was allegedly created long ago by a waiter named, drum roll please…Jose!

According to Culture Map, “A diner asked him to add some meat to the cheese dip. As the story goes, he went back to the kitchen and saw the spicy ground beef for tacos and dumped some in.”

In any case, it makes for a good story as you sip on your margarita this Cinco de Drinko.

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