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Ana Trujillo in court (AP)

(HOUSTON) — Ana Trujillo was sentenced to life behind bars on Friday for the murder of her boyfriend, Dr. Alf Stefan Andersson.

Jurors heard closing arguments Friday and then deliberated for more than four hours — much longer than it took them to convict Trujillo of murder on Tuesday.

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Trujillo spent the whole day on the stand Thursday explaining what lead up to the night she killed her boyfriend with her stiletto high heel shoe with at least 25 blows to the head, and face.  She claimed she was abused by several men over the years and that caused her to react violently when confronted by what she claims was an angry Andersson.

But prosecutor John Jordan pointed out her version of events would have meant the battle between the two lovers would have lasted about 90 minutes.

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Jordan on Friday asked the jury to give Trujillo the maximum sentence — life in prison — and called her “scary crazy.”

“The only way this is anything but a life sentence is to say somehow her life is more worthy and more valuable than Stefan Andersson’s,” Jordan said. “Send the message that in Texas we hold murderers, even female murderers accountable.”

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