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Ana Trujillo in court (AP)

(HOUSTON) — The “stiletto murder” trial resumed Friday after a one-day break, and the jury heard from the doctor who performed the autopsy on Dr. Alf Stefan Andersson.

Ana Trujillo is on trial for murdering Andersson — her on-again, off-again boyfriend — with a high-heeled shoe last June.

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Jennifer Ross, assistant medical examiner with the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, says penetrating wounds to Andersson’s head and face are consistent with the rectangular shape of the tip of the alleged murder weapon. She added that, given the defensive wounds to his arms and hands, she can conclude the death was a homicide.

If Trujillo acted in self-defense, Ross says she would expect to see fresh wounds on her, however she could not find any in a photo taken of Trujillo two days after the incident.

The defense presented part of a Harris County medical report from the same day describing wounds on Trujillo, but Ross says it’s possible they were from a fight Trujillo was in two weeks prior.

Before court adjourned Wednesday, jurors saw a video of Trujillo’s interrogation. The video showing came a day after jurors saw the stiletto shoes Trujillo used to kill Andersson. They’ve also heard her frantic 911 call.

The defense claims Trujillo killed Andersson in self-defense. If convicted, Trujillo faces up to life in prison.

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