Happy Slim Thug Day!


Pictured: Slim Thug (top back center) along with his management team, with Houston Mayor Anisse Parker (center) council member Jerry Davis (back left top), rapper Bun B (left of Parker) and 97.9 The Box morning show The Madd Hatta Morning Show at City Hall to honor Slim Thug for receiving his proclamation for ‘Slim Thug Day’ in Houston, TX. (Credit: KBXX)

February 25th, is known as Slim Thug Day in Houston, Texas. Hold up mayne!

Rapper & author Slim Thug received his Letter of Proclamation this on day last year at City Hall for ‘Slim Thug Day‘. The holiday was spearheaded by council member Jerry Davis and Mayor Annise Parker and 97.9 The Box

Our very own Madd Hatta Morning Show sparked this huge honor after covering the CNN’ Don Lemon  vs. Slim Thug story.

You can check out how it all came about below, along with all of our media coverage!

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Slim Thug Receives His Proclamation At City Hall #SlimThugDay979 [PHOTOS]
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