If you haven’t learned already let me give you a brief rundown, Ludacris has recently fathered a new baby. He does not however, share in parenting this child with his current girlfriend. Luda went ham with a side chick and nine months later came what would potentially be the most expensive unexpected endeavor.

Ludacris’ side chick is demanding $15,000 a month in child support and Luda is not having it. Her demands so early on have been said by some to be a little excessive. Ludacris is now wanting full custody of the baby claiming that he is  already very present in the life of his daughter.

Now, we’re left to question what his motives are. Does he want full custody as to not have to pay the outrageous demand for child support or because he feels he’s the most fitting to parent the baby? We want to know what your thoughts are, take the poll and let us know.

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