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via DeannasDirt.Com

If you didn’t know…Tiny recently posted an insta-pic of her showin her azz (according to T.I.)…and he wasn’t the only one who stirred up some controversy. After the King of The South commented on the picture, some other girl chimed in….AND TINY RESPONDED!!! This is how the conversation went:

@yeahitsmeyalame: “My homegirl f*cking Tip . . . this sh*t hilarious *eats popcorn.”

@majorgirl “I could give a ph*ck bissh! Hope that ain’t all she getting! She’s a weak b*ssh just like yo punk a** h*e! Hiding behind a fake page! b*tch u can’t make me cry! Are u serious?! U clearly don’t no sh*t about me! I ain’t no weak b*tch & where a n*cca put his d*ck! He can take that up with God I’m GOOOOD! Next! I ain’t doing sh*t to prove sh*t about me & @troubleman31 ph*ck I care about what u think really?!!”