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It’s funny what bizarre things you encounter when watching television late in the night. I came across a talk show that was covering the issue of race and dating and how influential one is on the other. What was most surprising to me was the blatant and obvious attitude of disapproval with interracial dating.

Honestly, does this country that is made up of such diverse backgrounds and blends of culture still oppose interracial dating? There was a caucasian mother who swore her daughters to NEVER date outside of their “culture”. The mom struggled with the fact that both her girls were engaged and were expecting children with their black fiancés.

The mother went on to say “It just isn’t cute”.. “I don’t have anything against the guys themselves, I just imagined that my girls would be with professional, hot, white guys. That’s the way I was raised, was that you do not date outside of your culture period. That’s my prerogative and I’m allowed to feel the way I want.”

Is the mother right? Does she make a point? What are your thoughts? Take the poll and let us know.



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