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It is the time of year when you will see more lists thrown at you than a doorman on New Year’s Eve.  But to be honest, a lot of the choices boil down into political collections that favor being inclusive and balanced verse what the list creators actually liked.

So in the fourth installment of our “Hangtime” Google+ chat series my brothers in arms Chuck Creekmur (, Datwon Thomas ( and Mr. Mecc (TheUrbanDaily) caught up to share our favorite music and moments of 2013.

“I think a lot of the old school perceptions of the music industry itself kind of got challenged and even broken as far as ‘lyrics don’t sell’ etc,” Mecc said of the year as a whole. “A lot of that had to get tossed out. I like how the game is back to a ‘cream rises to the top’ model.”

The fun began when I challenged everyone to share the music they actually PLAYED as opposed to the expected, politically correct pick.

“It even shocked me that I played this album this much but it was 2 Chainz, ‘B.O.A.T.S II.’” Datwon confessed. ”  loved the fact that he had ratchet stuff, thought-provoking stuff. He even had DJ’s scratching on it. He made it a real hip-hop album…I loved it.” 

“I gotta shout out Killa Mike and El-P’s ‘Run The Jewels’ that got a lot of burn from me…I really listen to a bit of everything,” said Chuck.  ”I keep it real G on Spotify.”

Watch the video to see what else we picked for the best albums, mixtapes, shows and more of 2013 and check out the gallery to see’s staff picks of our personal favs.


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