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Ladies, chivalry isn’t dead! Mega stars Jay Z and wife Beyoncé recently visited a vegan restaurant and while the Queen went to the potty, her hubby stood to watch the throne.


According to a source, while enjoying  a meal at the the vegan restaurant Crossroads in El Lay recently, Mrs. Carter had to make a pit stop at the restroom and Jay Z decided to watch the throne, and by throne, we mean the bathroom door. It seems the Queen was concerned about people following in behind her, so Jay did what any good hubby would do — stood guard!

A source on the scene reveals: ”Halfway through their meal Jay got up and asked a waitress to check if anyone was currently in the bathroom. Once they had established the loos were empty, Beyoncé scurried inside while he stood guard over the door. When a couple of customers tried to go in, he politely asked them if they’d mind waiting until his wife was done. Some customers were a bit miffed, but Beyoncé was also embarrassed when she came out.” – 

I guess our love for Bey can be a little overwhelming if your man has to stand guard while you go potty…Now thats #teamwork

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