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3 Scientifically-Proven Reasons Having Small Breasts Is More Beneficial (thumbnail)

Ladies, you know how we stuff stuff in our bras to make things easier, no not the cutlets for a bigger size? I mean like our lip gloss, money, phones, etc.. You may want to NOT do that anymore, apparently its very dangerous, even life-threatening!

Via Blackdoctor.org:

Unfortunately, as great as this idea might seem, there are several doctors out there begging us to STOP! Cancer surgeon John West, specifically, states that “placing your cellphone in your bra can cause breast cancer. Any woman placing her cellphone on her chest is playing with fire.”

Women who have developed breast cancer due to this have developed tumors that lined up exactly where they regularly placed their cellphones.

The conclusion? The bra was created for one purpose: To hold breasts. So just carry a purse or a phone case.  It’s better for your health!

This comes as a surprise to me but I know one thing, I’ll have to find a better way to deal with keeping up with my phone. We can’t put the ladies at risk!

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