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What do couples in love do? Go on dates, grocery shop together, cook, buy strippers. Bowrn?!?!

Well, Rihanna was photo’d last night in Houston at Drake’s concert showing love, having a good time. No harm, no foul but apparently that was not the end of their evening together. You would think a nice, quiet dinner would follow but allegedly the two visited a Houston strip club and went HAM!

According to

Anyways to our surprise you won’t BELIEVE who walked in . . . DRAKE AND RIHANNA. And they ain’t just walk in, they were TURN’T UP. can EXCLUSIVELY report that Rihanna got multiple lap dances, where she was FEELING UP THE CHICKS. All the while Drake was by her side watching. And Drizzy and Rih weren’t being STINGY EITHER.

The couple made it rain at least 5 TIMES – throwing THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS into the air. According to a person who WORKS AT V LIVE . . . Drake and Rihanna threw $100K into the air!!!

But here’s the BEST PART. A little birdie told us that Drake and Rihanna LET IT BE KNOWN that they wanted to leave the club with a dancer. All the dancer girls were GOING CRAZY to get picked . . . to be the girl to GO HOME WITH DRAKE AND RIHANNA. We’re told that a thick “Spanish-looking” girl was chosen, and the three LEFT TOGETHER.

We don’t know what the future for these two are, but Rihanna is in concert tonight, perhaps Drake will come out to her show and turn up!

Ehh Drizzy, Rihanna lemme hold a lil som’n som’n..

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