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When you think of the word ‘Twerk’, Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj may be the first people that pop up in your head.  Maybe you think about the Vine and YouTube videos of girls and guys showing off their moves for the world to see.  You may even imagine your local twerk team performing at some nightclub for cash or even at a high school pep rally.  Today, celebrities and school-aged children have caused uproar all over the Country due to this recent twerking fad.


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But where did twerking originate?

Lets take a trip back to New Orleans in the 1990s, where the very first Bounce record was nationally released.  DJ Jimi released “(The Original) Where They At?”, which kick-started Bounce music’s fame in New Orleans.  In 1993, DJ Jubilee released the first Bounce music video, “Do the Jubilee All”, which took Bounce music to another level.

But one of the most infamous pioneers of Bounce music, Big Freedia, created many of the hits that are still being played in nightclubs today.  Big Freedia, also known as the ‘Queen of Bounce’ led the Bounce movement in New Orleans, which eventually spread across the country.

Her single, “Azz Everywhere” became a huge hit in 2011, paving the way for her television network debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Since then, Big Freedia has appeared across many media outlets and she now has her own reality tv series on FuseTv entitled, “Big Freeda: Queen of Bounce”.

So what is Bounce music? Big Freedia describes the ‘ins and outs’ of this New Orleans genre in an interview with FuseTv:

A big misconception about Bounce music is that it is only for women or ‘gay’ men but according to Freedia, “Bounce is Bounce”.

“There’s no need to separate it out. All types of people—gay, straight, rich, poor, black, white come to my shows. People just wanna get out and shake their azzzz and have a good time!”

The Queen of Bounce expects a big rise in the Bounce movement across the nation and she is bringing some of her best ‘twerkers’ with her.  So watch out Miley, let Big Freedia show the world how it’s really done!

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