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Kanye West in no way cowers away, or runs and hides behind anything he says or does.  In fact, you could say he is bold, blunt, flamboyant and dare we say fearless?

The new name induction with “Yeezus” was not the beginning of a trend with Kanye West and his antics. There are multiple ways to perceive his actions though. Some say its art, self-expression, an extension of his being, visual and musical genius serving the masses. Others say its narcissistic, self involved, blasphemous, and rude.

We’ve learned of his accompaniment of a caucasian Jesus on the stage of his concert with female-disciples and other questionable stage props people could interpret as “cult” like.

Are the props, mock Jesus and disciples a way of Kanye giving his fans his very best? Or does this give us reason to feel he’s looking to be controversial just for the sake of being relevant?

Who knows? We’d love to read or hear from the camel’s mouth his truest reasoning for everything.

If the stage performance wasn’t shocking enough, the take home items for purchase may strike a cord with you as well.

Credit to for the photos of the merchandise here.

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