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Social Media can be tricky! Especially for upcoming artist. S/o the good folks at for making this list!


Tip #2. DO identify your WARM market. Your WARM market are your friends, colleagues, and people you know will have no problem receiving the information and material that if you tweet to them. READ people’s twitter bios before asking them what they do, especially when they have CLEARLY outlined what their profession is and who they work with or for. BE OBSERVANT. (I have stressed to my artists to have an ‘online street team’ who will RETWEET or TWEET out your music whether you are online or not).

DO NOT tweet ALL your followers or people you follow with the same generic tweet. Some people will consider this SPAMMING and may not be open to interacting with you again. Realize that everyone on twitter is not on twitter to hear music or view a music video.


Great Tip!!! For the rest of the list, Click Here


To submit music locally, Good luck!!! Next showcase November 5th!!!



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