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The year 2013 should be known as the year of the meme. Bloggers and the general public had to send a collective shout out to the internet for keeping some hilariously awkward moments at the forefront of our minds. Remember when Miguel got all into his performance of “Adorn” at the Billboard Awards and almost decapitated a girl trying to jump from stage to stage? How can you forget about that photo of Drake in a Dada outfit on the set of a video? We couldn’t forget and a clothing company named Drake Yolo Polo is making sure nobody forgets about these instant classic moments the internet has provided us by making polo shirts with the embarrassing meme embroidered on it.

As soon as I saw the shirts, I immediately copped all three in two separate colors each! there is something so hilarious about wearing a polo with Miguel performing the leg drop heard ’round the world sewn into the fabric. Some of my co-workers thought the polos were amusing, but didn’t share my impulse to buy. So I took it upon myself to bring to you a few reasons why the Drake Yolo Polos are must-haves.

1. Laughing At Celebrities’ (Not So Painful) Pain Is Hilarious

Call me cruel for saying that I like to laugh at celebrities’ pain. When I say pain, I’m not talking about anything serious. (I know how y’all readers get sometimes.) However, if one happens to trip or blindly walk into a traffic sign, I will be the first one cackling like I have no damn sense. So buying something like this just fits my personality. Plus, as a bigger fella, they come in my size and that in itself is reason to cop them!

2. Who Doesn’t Want To Wear A Meme?

Not only is wearing a meme polo a conversation starter, people will always want you around because what you wear says a lot about you as a person. So if you are rocking a polo with an embroidered meme of Jay Z awkwardly diving off a boat, it says, “I’m a trend setter and this shirt is F**KING AWESOME!!”

3. Possible Mention In A Future Drake Verse

Tell me doing something to make Drake comment about you wouldn’t be funny. We can hear it now, “Shout out to all the n*ggas rocking the polo with me wearing Dada. I don’t sweat you n*ggas cuz the p*ssy, you gets nada.” And when Drake uses something like that aforementioned line, tell him I want my money.



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