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Today, we celebrate what would have been the 52nd birthday of the King of Pop music, Michael Jackson. A man whose talent was as limitless as his acclaim that left us too soon but gave us a catalog of classics to remember him by.

And remember we do… except when we don’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, Michael was a genius when it came to music and there’s no one around who doesn’t have at least one favorite song by Mike. But things get a little sticky when you realize that Mike could get a bit loose with the letters and not everything made sense…

We here at TUD decided now would be a good time to clear up some of the moments in Michael’s catalog that are guaranteed to get a bit awkward during your living room Karaoke night.


Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

“It’s Too High To Get Over (Yeah, Yeah)

Too Low To Get Under (Yeah, Yeah)

You’re Stuck In The Middle (Yeah, Yeah)

And The Pain Is Thunder (Yeah, Yeah)

You’re A Vegetable, You’re A Vegetable

Still They Hate You, You’re A Vegetable

You’re Just A Buffet, You’re A Vegetable

They Eat Off Of You, You’re A Vegetable.”

Yes, Mike really called someone a vegetable… Just go with it.


Beat It

“Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It

No One Wants To Be Defeated

Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight

It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right.”

Mike was DEAD wrong for thinking somebody had a “funky strong” way to fight. Just sounds unsanitary… I’d just give up.



“Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad-

Come On

(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)”

Yes, Mike is saying Come On… Not Sha’Mon! Like we all sing at every wedding. No judgment. But if you really want to know what happened to “Sha’mon” check out this dope clip from “Black Dynamite.”

Smooth Criminal

“Annie are you okay,

So, Annie are you okay,

Are you okay Annie.

Annie are you okay,

So, Annie are you okay,

Are you okay Annie.”

Yes, Mike was talking to a woman named “ANNIE,” not, I repeat NOT, a guy named “Eddie.”  But who the hell was Annie? Well, the Annie in question was actually a CPR dummy. Makes more sense now, right?


Wanna Be Starting Somethin…

Help Me Sing It, Ma Ma Se,

Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa

Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa,

Ma Ma Coo Sa.

Hey… the guy made “Thriller” and had a monkey. It didn’t have to make sense… Let it go.

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