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The U.K. had its first National Burger Day Tuesday, and to commemorate the occasion, there came a mighty beast. And it was a BBQ burger-flavored ice cream, and it came with candied bacon and dill-gherkin ripple, and lo, actual real ketchup was an option.

“In naming August 27 as National Burger Day and kicking off with this legendary burger ice cream, we are celebrating the ingenuity and versatility of the British burger and giving Britons a chance to lay claim to the burger as a British staple,” event organizer Jonathan Pile said. Twitter’s reaction wasn’t particularly positive, and one writer from msnNOW’s U.K. desk offered the following tasting notes: “It was SO MUCH like a burger, super pickly. But at the same time really REALLY gross and made my tummy hurt :(.” So there you have it. Sad face.


Sooo… okay, yayy or nay? You feelin’ it?