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After  releasing the “ghostwritten” Tweets, Lupe finally decided to record and release a musical reaction called “SLR 2″

The saga continues… [props to AHH]

It’s been a over twelve hours since Big Sean gave Kendrick Lamar the buzz-assist of a lifetime last night with the release of “Control.” And yes, Black Twitter is still reacting. Rappers are still in their feelings. And New York has yet to challenge K-Dot to a duel. But of all the jokes, memes and gifs that these internets have blessed us with in the last twelve hours, nothing surpasses the absolute comedy that was Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter timeline last night.

It started shortly after Lupe’s initial reaction to “Control,” one of the first rapper tweets on the topic, we might add…

… was met with some criticism. Which prompted this generation’s self-appointed Hip-Hop martyr to say it again with his chest…

Most of you missed all of this because, a) you were too busy waiting for New York rappers to do something and/or b) Lupe’s Twitter account has apparently been private for a few weeks now.

What followed was an extraordinary, hours-long flow of tweets, featuring Lupe cussing out fans, writing Kendrick responses on behalf of half of the rap world, and dissing a few folks in between. We can’t tell if the tweets were inspired by sheer genius or absolute madness. Either way, it was easily the most entertaining thing going on the web last night. But don’t take our word for it. Flip the page and see for yourself.

And this is when it got REALLY entertaining. Lupe proceeded to ghostwrite responses to Kendrick’s boast from various rappers including Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.  It was  pure comedy. Read them all in the gallery.

There are many reactions already out there and surely more to come, but few will be able to top this.

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