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Welp! We guess Mariah is not expecting to be back next season for American Idol because Nick Cannon sort of unleashed the dragon on A.I. in a few different interviews today. He was asked about his thoughts on how it went this year and how Mimi was handling all the fussing and feuding with Nicki. It’s sort of nice to see him defending his lady love.

Said Cannon to KTLA about Mariah not being able to get along with Nicki;

“My wife, foreseeing all of this, tried to tell the network. She said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work, I’m afraid. She agreed to do the show for the “American Idol” brand, she’s been a longtime fan of the series, but she did not want the feud to become “a thing.” “‘This is going to turn into one of those reality shows,  I didn’t sign up to be on “Love And Hip Hop.”

See the KTLA interview below!

Cannon also appeared on CBS’s “The Talk” and said Carey doesn’t have time for a televised feud.

“It’s kinda unfortunate because when you see someone like my wife who tries to remain classy and tries to take the high road, it feels like everybody else around it, including the network and the producers try to feed into this sound bite drama. It feels like it lacks substance. People love that show for the contestants and the story and discovering a new star. That’s why my wife did it, to connect with the contestants. But when they feed all this other stuff into it, that’s not what she’s about. In the book of Mariah Carey, ‘American Idol’ will be a footnote,”

Then during an interview with Huff Post Live says Cannon;

 ”I was disappointed with the way the producers and the network handled the situation. It feels really contrived. Everybody has arguments, everybody gets into situations, and to kind of promote that for ratings, I think that’s distasteful. I think we got a glimpse of a moment of frustration. I don’t think there’s a real beef.”

Good for Nick Cannon and Mariah, we hope whatever they end up doing, that they are happy. They just celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary, and for all those who doubted this union, from all outward appearances, they look pretty strong!


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