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Basketball was the name of the game in Houston tonight as the NBA All-Star weekend got underway! Everyone’s favorite event the Slam Dunk Contest got off to an astonishing start as Gerald Green was a one take Jake with his very first dunk!

You would think that this would be the norm for NBA All-Stars but unfortunately it was not.  No other competitor was able to successfully dunk the ball on their first attempt in the first round. His vertical was bananas! However he was shut out in the second round after he failed at his attempt at a mythical double dunk.

Terrance Ross was a controversial success in the second round as he got in on the first try, but it was subject to debate as to whether it was a legendary dunk or not.

Kenneth Faried, who was shut out on the first round, delivered a wonderful off the back board, then through the legs dunk in the second round that made everyone forgive him for his sad effort to start the contest off with.

Eric Bledsoe threw it down with a twisted up windmill combo in the second round that woke everyone whom had been asleep in the arena straight up!

Jeremy Evans, the reigning champ, delivered a two ball dunk that excited the crowd and brought the West into the lead. However the response to his dunk on Twitter was pretty underwhelming.

But Jeremy Evans was not done.. In round 3 he dunked over a picture of himself doing the same dunk he had just performed. If you are excited by gimicky setups then you would have been pleased with his effort.

Terrence Ross blew up the spot with a nasty 360 Vince Carter tribute dunk! It may very well have been one the best dunks of the night.

But then in Round 4 Jeremy Evans lost the gimmicks and hung in the air over Donte Jones for a classic dunk that superseded everything else he had done all evening.

And in the last dunk for the night, Terrence Ross flew over a ball boy and took the ball between his legs only to smash it into the net, to the delight of the entire arena!

In the end the Congratulations went to  Terrence Ross who showed up with nothing but honest NBA All-Star worthy dunks for the evening. Salute!

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