I’ll admit it. I didn’t understand what all the “Scandal” hype was about. For the last year my Twitter and Facebook timelines have been filled with talk of Olivia Pope and #Gladiators. I couldn’t stand it.

You see normally on Thursday nights I’m an NBC guy. I watched 30 Rock, The Office, Parks & Recreation and Community. I didn’t have time to fit in a some new show. Besides it’s hard enough to watch MY shows while my 2 year old son is throwing a fit because he wants to see Yo Gabba Gabba or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

But last month I had a rare friday where I had the night off. So I made it a NetFlix night and watched season one. I was hooked. Next thing you know between iTunes and I was completely caught up within a week.

I tonights episode “Push Me” we are supposed to learn who was the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on President Fitzgerald Grant.

My money is on the First Lady. Millie Grant did that Sh#t!

Here’s why: 1) Anybody that watches Snapped will tell you after awhile your wife grows tired of being cheated on. Fitz constantly put it in her face that he loved and needed Olivia more than her. She can’t have that.

2) When she tried to stop him from getting out of the car at the Presidential Gala she had second thoughts on killing him. That’s why she pleaded with him to go home.

3) The show is called Scandal! What’s more scandalous then the First Lady of The United States wanting to kill the President?!?! Could you imagine if Michelle got swole at Barack and wanted to….never mind you get the picture.

Tell me who do you think was the person behind the assassination attempt?

Who Tried To Kill Scandal’s President Grant?
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