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Chicago speed rapper Twista is on the trail of promotion for his new mixtape Reloaded and the build buzz for his forthcoming album Dark Horse. He stopped by Ms Drama TV to talk about that, but wound up in a conversation about ghostwriting in hip-hop, more importantly, the rumors Nas had Jay Electronica and members of Dead Prez write some verses on his Untitled album.

Twista explained rappers have been using ghostwriters since the beginning of the art form. “Hip Hop started with artists who didn’t write their lyrics. If you study back and look at the first Rap songs that came out, some of the rappers didn’t write lyrics some of their songs,” he reasoned. “I know there are songs, like LL [Cool J] helped MC Lyte write certain songs, or this person helped this person. Always in Hip Hop that’s has been going on. Biz Markie has songs from Big Daddy Kane so that’s always been going on in Hip Hop.”

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As the interview continued, Twista said he doesn’t believe Nas used any ghostwriters on his Untitled project. Writer Dream Hampton famously sparked the controversy when she tweeted about Jay-Z rapping about his reality while Nas had help with Untitled. “I don’t believe that Nas didn’t write some of that album. But with Nas’ lyrical ability, why would you even care if he got someone to write him a song?”

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