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CLOSE – Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo sat down with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club to talk about the new season of Basketball Wives: LA and they didn’t hold anything back. Draya and Malaysia talked about who all will be returning to the show and then the conversation turned as Angela Yee and Envy got down to rumors that have been floating around the blogs.

When asked about whether her Chris Brown and Karreueche have threesomes, here was Draya’s response:

To clear everything up, Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship. That is their relationship. I don’t play any parts in their relationship. There are no threesomes. Her and I are friends more than him and I are friends. Like we are cool but that’s my girl.

On the rumors that she was having a jump-off relationship with rapper Bun B:

Oh my gosh! First of all, I don’t have Bun B’s number, I don’t know that man personally. All I know is that he came to my show, I took a picture with him and said thanks for coming..that text message was clearly to a woman because Im into women…that was like the funniest thing, Bun B’s wife Queenie! no I don’t want no problems with that….

On how she is when she is in a relationship:

I am a very jealous and very psycho – crazy – girlfriend. I act like everybody’s baby-mama!….. It’s easier now because I now have my own attention but back when I wasn’t doing anything with myself, I had more time on my hands to stalk my boyfriends…now I don’t have time, so I’m good…. I’ve busted out windows, I’ve climbed up fire escapes, beat the daylights out of girls like everything yes, i have done it all…I’ve showed up to places and got disorderly conduct once or twice.

Watch the full interview below: