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Check out DJ Wrekk1 as he interviews the one and only Usher Raymond! Don’t miss Usher talking about the evolution of his music and where he is headed in his career!!

Wrekk: I’m so excited about this opportunity to interview you.  In my 15 years of doing radio, you are one of the few people I have not interviewed until now.

Usher: I appreciate you, and I’m so ready to tell you what I have going on. You couldn’t have caught me at a better time.  I have the number one album in the country right now, and I am just happy.

Wrekk: This is like 4 out of 7 albums strong that have gone number one and that’s not bad.

Usher: Thank you and again, I’m just so happy. I reflect back on my life and some of the artists that I started with are not here, and others have gone on to do other things.  I’m just excited that the conversation I had with my friends 18 years ago turned into a reality. I wanted to have longevity and some came with me and others joined the movement later and again I’m just happy.

Wrekk: I remember my beginning days of radio back when I used to spin vinyl records, and to this day I remember the first song I heard by you. It was “So So” Def remix of “Think Of You.”

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Usher: Oh my goodness. That is crazy! That right there is history.

Wrekk: What are the keys to success?  What advice would you give to upcoming artists?

Usher: Stay at it and continue to evolve. Either evolve or evaporate. You must travel, listen to different styles, be open to new ideas, and understand that music is constantly changing.  The music we listened to in ‘98 is different now but it still had that good feeling.  I try to be open to what’s going on my world.

Wrekk: “Climax” and “Lemme See” are doing well across the country right now. So are there any last words for the fans?

Usher: Thank you fans for growing with me and if you have not gotten the album, it’s in stores and I know I’m a bit biased but it’s incredible.  A lot of what I put into this is my growth and the different styles of music I like. I felt like I could share that and be creative. It’s something for everyone on the album. Yeah, man!

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