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(originally published in 2010)

Quick, name all of the members of Young Money. Taking you a minute huh? With the movie The Expendables opening today we began to wonder about those expendable members of the most popular rap groups.

What makes them expendable? If you can’t name them right way that is an easy indicator, but if the group manages to do just fine without them that could be a sign that they haven’t made the strongest impression on the masses. Not to mention, quite a few of the members of this list had their expendable status established during jail bids.

Maybe they are doing a whole lot behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of but at least to the naked eye, here are the nine most expendable group members–ever.

9. Jarobi, A Tribe Called Quest

Yes, it’s nice to see him on stage during Tribe reunion shows but when he left the group to go to culinary school not one Tribe fan batted an eye lash.

8. Turk of the Hot Boys

Turk. He’s the one that’s not B.G., Juvenile or Lil Wayne. He’s been busy racking up felonies to increase his street cred for that all important comeback in 2020.

7.Everybody in Young Money except Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj

Take Nicki Minaj and Drake out of this picture and you pretty much have a high school talent show lineup.

6.Freaky Zekey (Dipset)

As Cam’s cousin his spot in Dipset is pretty much assured but if Jaffy Joffer, Juelz and Jimmy reunited without him would you really care?

5.Crunchy Black (3-6 Mafia)

Things have been pretty strained between dancer/rapper Crunchy and 3-6 of late and even they don’t seem to feel they need him around anymore.


Yeah, girls can get it too. While most crews just weren’t complete without a “first lady” she just couldn’t get it together. All she had to do was look cute and recite the rhymes written for her but Hov gave her her walking papers and she’s been MIA ever since. (Not MIA the singer…but GONE.)

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3.Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)

Practically the Amber Rose of the Black Eyed Peas no one has ever heard him speak. But thanks to he’s probably rich enough to buy 1000 Nuvo bottle chains and make it rain in 5 states at once.

2. U-God (Wu-Tang Clan)

We thought his appearances on “Triumph” and “Cher Chez La Ghost” were great but if he were to go on another government vacation for this next Wutang album there are like 40 dudes from Sunz Of Man waiting to take his spot in a hurry.

1. Pras (The Fugees)

The undisputed most expendable group member of all. From the inception of The Fugees, fans and critics alike called for his expulsion (or replacement with John Forte.)  While we give him dap for introducing Lauryn to Clef in the first place we’d be just as happy if he stuck to making cameos with Sweet Mickey.


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