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Sunday morning I was eating breakfast and staring at this blank wall in my dining room.  Since I moved to Houston in November I could not figure out what to put on this wall.  Then it came to me on Sunday.  “I will put up a chalkboard!”  So I went online to look for a big chalkboard and came across Chalkboard Paint! Wha?  You mean I can paint a whole wall into a chalkboard???!!!!! I clicked on google images and saw an plethora of ideas for chalkboard walls.  Some of the walls were for kids rooms…some were made into life-size calendars and doodling boards.  But the walls that really caught my attention were the walls with scriptures and affirmations written on them.  I immediately decided this was the perfect fit for my dining room wall.

I grabbed the paint from Home Depot and started painting Sunday evening.  Once I finished, I stared once again at the blank wall excited about what it will be filled with soon.  I have tons of my favorite poems, quotes and scriptures to write on the wall.  Maybe I will even include some new words to challenge myself!

My goal this year has been to focus on keeping positivity around me at all times.  I understand how easy it is to fall into a negative place and I don’t want to go there ever again.  A positive life…is written on the wall.


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