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It was a virtual geektopia in San Diego this past weekend as Comic-Con 2012 attracted thousands of fan boys  and girls around the world.  Attendees were treated to exclusive clips and celebrity-filled panels from television’s  hottest series (“Game of Thrones”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Walking Dead”) and future box-office blockbusters (“Star Trek 2,” “Man Of Steel”).

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed tracking recaps and interviews from this year’s event, but have no fear! The Urban Daily has rounded the seven hottest properties you need to satisfy your inner geek.

1. Man of Steel

As Christopher Nolan closes out his iconic Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. is out to own Summer 2013 with their latest Superman reboot titled Man of SteelHenry Cavill (Immortals) has stepped into the role of our favorite Kryptonian, with Zack Snyder (300, Sucker Punch)  on board to direct.  A exclusive clip from Man of Steel was unveiled during the panel, and based on the enthusiastic feedback from  fan boys in attendance, we might finally be able to put the catastrophic Superman Returns behind us.

Man of Steel opens in theaters June 14, 2013

2.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Peter Jackson isn’t one to rest on his laurels.  After redefining the “epic quest” with the box office shattering “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the Oscar-winning director has undertaken yet another Herculean task with The Hobbit.  The story follows Frodo Baggin’s uncle, Bilbo in his younger days as he journeys to to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim stolen treasure from the dragon Smaug.  Sir Ian McKellan is back as the sage wizard Gandalf, as well as Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Cate Blanchett (Queen Galadriel) and Andy Serkis as the wickedly psychopathic Gollum.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in theaters December 14, 2012

3. The Walking Dead

Season 3 is all about Michonne!  This bad ass afro-samurai (portrayed by Danai Gurira) made quite a splash when her character was introduced in the heart-stopping season finale.

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When asked what to expect from the new season, Gurira offered coyly, “You will never be able to predict what happens.”

“Walking Dead” returns on AMC Sunday Oct. 14th 9P.M. EST

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4. “The House of M” aka Marvel Rules!

Still riding high on the success of  The Avengers, Marvel Studios held court as they announced sequels for their equally moneymaking  superhero franchises.  Robert Downey Jr., in usual rock star fashion, came out dancing to Luther Vandross (watch HERE).  Don Cheadle (who plays Rhodey James)  joined in the fun as they discussed Iron Man 3 (coming out May 2013).

Asked if audiences can expect a War Machine movie, Cheadle told G4 ““Into The Avengers there’s been some mention, potentially and into a spin-off or… Let’s keep it going now. Let’s start it now and then pump it up and keep it going, and get it moving all through Comic-Con.”

Releases for future Marvel movies were also announced:

Thor The Dark World — November 2013

Captain America: The Winter Soldier– April 2014

Guardians of The Galaxy–August 2014

5.  Game Of Thrones

After a season full of sorcery, bloody fatalities  and political intrigue, HBO’s hit show plans to expand their ranks with 14 additional cast members.  “We were already the biggest cast in television and we have just grown bigger—so clearly I need to start killing characters more quickly to make room for the new ones!”  joked writer George R.R. Martin.

Season 3 of “Game of Thrones” is set for March 2013.

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6. Pacific Rim

Warner Bros. is betting big on director Guillermo Del Toros (Hellboy, Blade 2) big budget robots vs. monsters sci-fi flick. Idris Elba heads up a ragtag team of soldiers (Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman) who are are humanity’s last defense against total annihilation.  Del Toro has been extremely secretive about the project, but shared ““We wanted to do something new. Something with a different sense of drama, and different sense of scale.”

Pacific Rim is slated for a July 2013 release.

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7.  True Blood

TV’s sexiest vampire series promises to amp up the blood and kink factor this season.  Executive Producer Alan Ball promises three new romances, as well as a showdown between rogue vamp Russell Edgington and The Authority.  Expect to see Tara (Rutina Wesley) explore her inner dominatrix and Alicide (Joe Manganiello) accept his role as wolf pack leader.  Will Sookie (Anna Paquin) find her happily ever after with Bill (Stephen Moyer) or Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)?

Will Ball leaving the show after five seasons, fans wait with bated breath to see if “True Blood” is renewed for a sixth season.

“True Blood” Comic-Con Trailer:


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