We all saw it on television this week: Rainstorms of biblical proportions and motorists who just kept on driving — no matter how deep the water — until they couldn’t go anymore. So what should you do now?

Your car is wet and smelly. There could be mold, corrosion and rust, not to mention the damage that could have been done under the hood.

You’ve got insurance, but what should you do in the meantime?

Experts agree its best to start drying out your car as quickly as possible. Get out as much of the liquid and mud as you can.

Most important of all: Don’t try to start the engine. Water in the engine, transmission or fuel system could just make matters worse. You may want to disconnect the battery too. That will help you avoid frying some high-priced electrical components. You’ll probably want to have your car checked out by a mechanic too.  Finally, remember all of this can be prevented during the next big rainstorm if you take your time, find some higher ground and just wait it out.

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